Bunte Beete, our garden in Berlin

Hello, I am Thomas, a real Berliner, that found a new drug: my blog!

How to enter here in my new live?

Where to start after coming back from France to Old Berlin?

In the Paradise?

O.k., here we are in the garden of the garden-group “Bunte Beete” at Kreuzberg. Between a large sports area and apartment houses you can find this wooden pavilion.

The pavilion

…and flowers….


…. and a huge population of bees…

Caution! But we are not thinking on a sting, we are dreaming about the honey on a bread…

Our bees, our honey

made in our oven under the roof of the pavilion. If you are heating these earth guy…


you can get a nice picnic with the other gardeners…

Fingerfood in the garde

The friends are not on the photos, ’cause some do not like to live in the digital world…

But I am happy there: this was the first step into my blog, and from now on everything will be easy!


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